Electronic cigarette has been a controversial item since its advent. Ten years ago, it barely existed, but now, it’s everywhere. Is it a miracle or a threat? Will it do good or do harm to your health? Tons of questions have been put forward by people and various opinions have been stated by people.

I’m as eager as you to know what exactly the truth is. Luckily, BBC shot a documentary film to uncover the truth.


Research Subject:

All the smokers join in this research are heavy smokers who have tried hard to quit smoking but have finally failed.

A. Smokers who will stick to smoking regularly.

B. Smokers who will try to quit smoking without any substitute being offered to them.

C. Smokers who will try to quit smoking with nicotine patches.

D. Smokers who will try to quit smoking with electronic cigarettes.

E. The speaker who has never even tried cigarettes before and is offered electronic cigarettes and vaping plans.


In the research, the speaker interviews several related experts. The important and useful information is summed up below:


From a tobacco scientist:

Components of cigarettes are very complicated while the components of electronic cigarettes liquid are very simple. Cigarettes contains about 6000 chemicals, and 100 of them are known to be harmful or potentially harmful to people. However, e-liquid contains only 5 substances including nicotine, water, flavorings and two simple compounds, propylene glycol and glycerol. No one can say ecigs are totally safe, but it is about 95% much safer than cigarettes.

From a biologist:

Scratch Test--what does cigarette or e-cigarette do to us?

He carried a scratch test with both cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. Cigarettes smoke will impede the injured bacterium from being healed, while injured bacterium repair normally when they are exposed to e-cigarette vapor. It can not prove e-cigarette is totally harmless, but it proves e-cigarette doesn’t impair people like cigarette does.


From toxicologist Maciej Goniewicz

Many products we use daily, like food or cosmetics, contain flavorings and they have been tested out healthy to eat or safe to apply on skin. But that doesn’t mean they are safe to inhale. The tests carried out by the scientist finally proves that e-liquids of different flavorings can cause harm in different degrees. Of course, the harm caused by flavorings is far less than that caused by cigarettes. The best way to avoid harm is that you try a range of different flavors, so you don’t get too much of any one.


Test Results:

B: 2 out of 7 quit smoking successfully.

C. 7 out of 8 quit smoking successfully.

D.7 out of 8 quit smoking successfully.

E. The speaker doesn’t get addicted to electronic cigarette.


Even only after four weeks, the toxicants (carbon monoxide, acrolein, nicotine) inside of the body of the smokers decreased vastly. Also, 7 out of 8 smokers quit smoking successfully with electronic cigarettes. Most surprisingly, the test even proves that vaping can even benefit people with certain brand diseases whether they have smoked before or not. Nicotine may have a cognitive enhancing effect. But it is also well-known that nicotine is an addictive substance. Once you are hooked, it is very difficult to quit. Good news is that e-liquid without nicotine is also available in the market!

So, is electronic cigarette a miracle or a threat? You can give your answer below.

Watch the video for details. 

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