Cotton candy e-juices remind you of the time when you had your first fluffy, sugary sweet treat at your favorite theme park. Hot Juice aims to recreate those fond childhood moments with the best cotton candy vape juice that we’ve ever tested. Each puff takes you on a trip down memory lane and the flavor just instantly melts in your mouth when you take a hit. Candy flavors are perfect late-night vapes where you just want to chill out, relax, and enjoy the sweetness of your e-liquid.

Creating the best cotton candy vape juice can be quite challenging, but Hot Juice nailed the flavor profile with this e-juice. The sugary notes are prominent during the inhale and you get that oh-so-sweet cotton candy flavor at the exhale which tastes quite delicious. Hot Juice carries two cotton candy flavors on their site and those are Circus Cloud and Blueberry Cotton Candy.

We’ll take an in-depth look at the two flavor profiles and find out why they taste so good. The good thing with buying your e-juices off of Hot Juice is that they give you a lot of options when it comes to your preferred nicotine strength and VG/PG blend. This allows you to enjoy their cotton candy flavors according to your own liking.

Cotton Candy Vape Juice — Circus Cloud

Circus Cloud is Hot Juice’s signature cotton candy vape juice and it’s the closest that you can get from tasting that sweet cotton candy vape. When you take a hit, your mouth is immediately filled with that sweet tasting cloudy vapor. At the tail end, the cotton candy flavor kicks in and you’re left with a very nostalgic yet sugary experience that’ll leave you wanting more and more.

Hot Juice did a great job of balancing out the fluffy, heavenly cotton candy flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. Too many candy vapes focus on sweetening the e-juice in order to replicate that sugary experience which tends to be overpowering in some cases. This cotton candy vape juice is blended perfectly and you really get the notes and nuances of the flavor with each hit.

The higher PG option really brings out the most flavor during the exhale so if you’re looking for that full, sweet-tasting cotton candy experience, get the 70PG/30VG blend. For cotton candy lovers out there, your sweet tooth cravings are sure to be satisfied with this e-liquid. It really captures that nostalgic cotton candy flavor that’s like taking a bite off a real cotton candy.

Vape Juice Cotton Candy — Blueberry Goodness!

Hot Juice went even further and created a vape juice cotton candy that’s infused with blueberry flavor! The end result is a fluffy, fruity e-juice that’s quickly becoming a fan-favorite amongst vapers who love candy flavored e-liquids. The fruity notes taste like blueberry pie with the cotton candy contributing to a well-rounded, delicious flavor.

The blueberry notes immediately come up when you take a hit and from there the flavor just dissolves inside your mouth. Remember that blue cotton candy that you love eating at the carnival when you were a kid? That’s exactly how it tastes like, especially during the exhale! As you ramp up the wattage with your vape, the fruity flavor pops and the cotton candy taste intensifies like you’re on cloud nine.

It’s amazing how they managed to blend the fruity notes without compromising the taste of actual cotton candy. Your taste buds aren’t bombarded with sweeteners and the overall flavor profile is geared towards a vape juice cotton candy flavor.

Hot Juice Vape Juice — Wrapping Up

When it comes to dreamy, fluffy cotton candy vapes, these e-liquids by Hot Juice vape juice come close to the real thing. They pulled off the best cotton candy vape juice by accurately blending the sweetness and flavor. Each puff you take reminds you of that sugary, cloudy candy treat that you used to love at the carnival during the weekends.

Circus Cloud is really, really good and it’s unbelievably on-point when it comes to capturing the essence of that rich, fluffy cotton candy flavor. The feeling of stepping inside a fair and taking a bite of cotton candy is really rekindled with each hit of this e-liquid.

Blueberry Cotton Candy takes the familiar taste of cotton candy and adds a twist by blending in a fruity flavor. It’s a refreshing take to the classic carnival treat that you’ll absolutely love if you’re a fan of cotton candy vapes. The hint of blueberry tastes really good and it’s blended so well with the cotton candy taste. It’s like taking a bite off of actual cotton candy that immediately dissolves in your mouth! Your sweet tooth will definitely be satisfied with these cotton candy flavors from Hot Juice vape juice.

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