Born for RDA atomizers, Squonk mods have been widely accepted by the vaping community. Lots of vapers love RDA atomizer because of the nice flavor it delivers, but it also brings a lot of trouble because of the frequent dripping. Squonk mod is inevitably a perfect match to RDA.



After using the Wotofo Stentorian Ram BF mod and Wotofo Nudge BF mod for a while, Im just eager to make a comparison between them. Check it out below.

Common features:


  1. Their fire buttons are made of the same material and they can be locked to prevent mistakenly touching.
  2. They both have a juice capacity of 7ml.
  3. The material is comfortable and light-weighted.


Ram: You have to install the battery in a right direction.

Nudge:It doesnt matter how you install the battery.


Ram:There is a strip in the battery holder for taking out the battery easily.

Nudge: There is no strip in the battery holder.



Ram: There are two extra juice bottle inside of the package.

Nudge:There is one juice bottle and two extra fuse plug inside of the package.


Ram: There is an outer ring at the 510 connector to avoid the atomizer damaging the mod.

Nudge: There is no outer ring at the 510 connector



Ram: There is no fuse plug in the mod.

Nudge:There is a fuse plug in the mod to protect the mod from being damaged by circuit faults.



Nudges firing degree is more violent than that of Ram.

Nudge is more affordable than Ram.

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