The innovative iJoy VPC Unipod is applied both by iJoy Diamond VPC Kit and iJoy Stick VPC Kit. So what’s the difference between these two devices. Let’s check it out.

iJoy VPC Unipod

Size: 19mm (diameter) * 41mm(height)
Capacity: 2ml
Resistance: 1.0ohm
Power: 10-15W
Suitable for nicotine salts

iJoy VPC Unipod features a special pod system which is different from a regular pod and a regular atomizer. It is mainly composed of two parts including a pod and a VPC Unipod base. It has 2ml e-liquid capacity and is suitable for nicotine salts.

Without a tank or a building deck, Diamond VPC Unipod adopts a ceramic coil. As is known by experienced vaper, ceramic coil is not only environmentally friendly, but also high temperature resistant to prevent oil from being oxidized and the cotton being dry heat, giving cleaner flavor and more efficient wicking.

With a silicone adapter inside of the package, the VPC Unipod is also compatible with Phix and Juul cartridge.

iJoy Diamond VPC Kit

Size: 34 (length)*27.5(width)*60mm(height)
Max wattage: 45W
Pod mode: 2.5V-3.8V
Power mode: 5W-45W
Battery type: 20350
Battery capacity: 1400mah
Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0ohm

iJoy Diamond VPC Kit is paired by a Diamond BAE Mod and a VPC Unipod.

IJoy Diamond VPC Kit is in a pretty compact size, nearly half height of a regular-sized smart phone. It presents a diamond-cutting appearance with exquisite workmanship. Similar to many box mods, on the side, it has a fire button, a screen, adjustment buttons and a USB port for charging. Since it measures 27.5mm wide, it can match with many atomizers in the market without overhang.

Its 0.66inch intelligent OLED display screen shows you puff counts, battery life, voltage, wattage and resistance for you to easily operate it.

The Diamond BAE Mod is powered by a 20350 battery with 1400mah battery capacity. Its max wattage reaches 45W. Under voltage mode, the output voltage ranges from 2.5V to 3.8V, offering good taste experience for MTL or Nicotine salt. Under power mode, the output wattage ranges from 5W to 45W, providing dense and massive flavor.

iJoy Stick VPC Kit

Size: 108mm(length) * 19mm (Diameter)
E-Juice capacity: 1.6ml
Max wattage: 15W
Resistance: 1.6ohm
Battery capacity: 1100mah
Resistance range: 1.0-3.0ohm

iJoy Stick VPC Kit is composed of a Stick VPC mod and a VPC Unipod.

The Stick VPC Mod features a simple structure and simple operation. There is only a fire button and a USB port on the mod. Surrounding the fire button, it is a circle of light for indicating the battery life with different color flashing.

The VPC mod has a built-in 1100mah battery with 15w output wattage. Though simple in structure, it is equipped with multiple functions for safe vaping, including short-circuit protection, low-power protection and battery reverse protection.

Common features of iJoy Diamond VPC Kit and iJoy Stick VPC Kit:
1.They are both paired with VPC Unipod
2.They are both in compact size

Differences between iJoy Diamond VPC Kit and iJoy Stick VPC Kit:
1.Diamond VPC Kit features both pod mode and power mode, while the output of Stick VPC is not adjustable.
2.Diamond VPC Kit features much higher output wattage and battery capacity than Stick VPC Kit.
3.Diamond VPC Kit features OLED screen, while Stick VPC not
4.Diamond VPC kit is of larger compatibility with other atomizers due to its larger width and larger output.

In my opinion, the highlights of both iJoy Diamond VPC Kit and iJoy Stick VPC Kit lies more in the VPC Unipod than the two mods. If you are looking for a simple vaping device, Stick VPC Kit is a good choice for vaping with e-liquid or nicotine salt. But if you are looking for a device more than that, for example, more compatibility with other atomizers, or more functions, then Diamond VPC Kit is a better choice.

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