College is a time of life when many evolve from being adolescents to adults. This transformation encompasses shifts in character and responsibility, as witnessed by many individuals. You start being in charge of your decisions, finances and freedom. Your parent no longer has full access and control over you, and this gives you the free will to do anything. Thus, most college students are prone to making bad decisions which are mostly influenced by their peers. Smoking or rather vaping on college campuses is a trait that is on the rise. On whether it is good or bad, read on the text to find out.

This subject is an excellent example of an essay that can be given as an assignment. First, you have to get its definition and then write the body. You have the freedom to choose whatever sources you deem ideal for your research. Besides, there are several other freedom essay topics to choose from, when given a chance to pick any freedom definition essay. For now, let's get back to the main subject. To digress this topic further, we must first understand the hole in the bucket. So, why do students smoke?

How it starts
The vape debate, for many years, has elicited mixed reactions with people arguing that several reasons lead to college students taking up the habit. Nobody has a precise answer, but here are a few factors that were put forward as the main contributors:

  • Peer pressure.
  • Adult influence and contribution.
  • Marketing commercials.
  • Stress factor.

Although none of the above can be said to be the exact reason why someone would smoke, they are the primary contributors influencing college students. Many of the vaping students argue that they do it to look cool, while others claim that they grew up seeing people smoke and had to try. Only a few peg their smoking habits on stress and depression.

The effects
It is only fair to rule out a product after assessing its effects. And on the subject of college students smoking and whether or not it is good, one must look at the pros and cons. You will then base your argument or choice depending on the one that outweighs the other. Just the same way you will go to buy a product online and check the pros and cons, is the same way for this type of matter.
When looking at the possible pros of vaping, according to most students, it is cool and makes them feel good. But is it worth it to feel good and ruin your health? Here are some of the cons and health concerns that come with smoking:

  • Reduction in lung growth.
  • Addiction to nicotine.
  • A high prevalence to use drugs.
  • roblems with your respiratory system.

Different agencies and bodies have started educating the young about campus life and smoking. This is meant to showcase the effects of this habit on their lives and how some of the cons manifest later in their adulthood. Some of these long term effects, which are worse, include the following:

  • Leaves you vulnerable to getting cancer and other diseases.
  • Increases the heart’s palpitations.
  • Can cause stroke and heart diseases.

Sometimes you may think smoking in collegewill not affect your academics, but the truth is that it can make your performance go down. This is especially true if you become an addict, which may lead to skiving of classes and neglecting studies as a whole. Remember that you enjoy a certain level of freedom while on campus as you are now above the age to be supervised. But you shouldn’t let this sink you into joining the college smokers and ruining your life. Here’s an outline of the other general effects of smoking:

  • Leads to the early appearance of wrinkles since it deprives the skin of oxygen.
  • Leads to the yellowing of teeth caused by nicotine and other substances.
  • Also causes the greying and thinning of hair.
  • Causes the burden of spending. On average, you can spend most of your money on vaping if you are an addict. Remember that you are a student and you have several other expenses to cater.

To vape or not to vape?

You have seen the definition and explanation behind vaping and the different types of effects it has on an individual’s health. When tasked to write such an essay, you know what you need to do and how to go about it. Such essays require you to be thoughtful and have the right research skills. Now, back to our primary subject, to vape or not to vape?
Using the above research findings, you can see that the bad outweighs the good. It is, therefore, imperative to find out why college students start vaping and how. This will help to come up with viable solutions to the problem.