Intro: CoilArt always sticks to its research concept of giving consideration to both flavor and vapor. It chases for huge flavor with original flavor. Today, another atomizer is going to shock the fans of Coilart again. What the height this Coilart Dpro RDA will reach on flavor?


On its appearance, Dpro doesn’t have very much difference from other RDA atomizers. Its diameter is 24mm and it features a side airflow system. Under its brief appearance, this fatty boy has a completely different heart. 


Dpro atomizer is a new RDA from Coilart. It gives up the traditional electrode design. The coils are going to be centered on the base, bringing a better airflow effect. Here I give a warm hint to the vapers who are new to this RDA. There are completely four screw holes on the atomizer base, two of them are the positive poles and the other two are the negative poles. See the picture above. You don’t insert the coil ends to the hole on the same side. It will not work!


Why the flavor of Dpro is so good? In fact, it’s not difficult for us to find that the manufacturer means to design such small airflow holes, which accelerates the airflow from the outside to the inside. The airflow can bring away most of the vapor after the air impacts the coils. Then the airflow will swirl in the atomization space and the arc on the top of the atomization cap will gather and compress the vapor. Such process will make the vapor much denser and the reduction degree is much higher.


Vapers can build single or dual coils according to their own preference. To build a single coil, you just need to insert the coil ends into the screw holes of the opposite angles.


Vapers who like huge vapor or dense flavor can build dual coils on the base. But because of the limited size of the airflow holes on the two sides, it’s better to build the coils with circle diameter less than 3mm. The circle diameter of the coils in the picture above is 2.5mm. The cotton should not block the airflow holes and the surface of the coils.


The resistance of the pre-made Clapton coil is 0.12Ω. There is no need to emphasize on the flavor. The reduction of high-temperature series liquid is excellent. In a long-time vaping, I didn’t feel condensation being sucked into mouth obviously. Besides, there appeared no leaking on the electrode screw at the base, which greatly relieved some vapers who worried about this point.


Nowadays, huge-vapor atomizers are not rare any more, and atomizers crowned as huge-vapor producers can be found everywhere. However, flavor-oriented atomizers has been attached less importance. In such a situation, Coilart still place the feeling of the vapers on top priority. Since Coilart is a well-known electroniccigarettes manufacturer, it is really a blessing to the vapers. 


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