It’s so exciting to share this Coilart Dpro RDA Review with you here. The first time to know about this product was the presentation by the Coilart Dpro manufacturer. After trying it, I’m on his side now. Check it out!


Its package is pretty compact, well, I should say mini. It’s packed in a drawer-like box. When you pull open it, you see a black hat box. On the first layer of the package, the manufacturer shows you the basic information of this RDA and the picture of the product as well. Besides, for some vapers who might worry about its authentication, there is a QR code for you to check it and also to activate the warranty. Pretty considerate!


Inside of the box, on the first layer is the RDA laying there and an Allen key. It’s quite small that remind me of the Oumier Wasp Nano RDA. Below it, there are the two Coilart Premade Clapton Coils (they’ve already been used by me), a small bag of cotton, and an accessory bag including o-rings, bottom-refill electrode and for spare screws.


To easily disassemble the Coilart Dpro RDA, I screwed it onto a mod. It can be disassembled into three parts, the PEI drip tip, atomizer tube, and the tube. The drip tip is made of Pei material which can effectively insulate the heat and it adopts a dome design that can completely prevent the condensation being sucked into mouth. On the atomizer tube, there are two airflow holes which is adjustable by spinning it clock-wise and anti-clock-wise.


As you can see in the picture, the Dpro base is very special. On it, there are four holes to insert the coil ends in vertically, very different to most RDA in the market. Since the ends of the pre-made Clapton coils have already been cut, it’s quite easy to build the coils. By screwing loose the screws with the Allen key, you can build the coils on to the base and then screw tight the screws. (It’s quite a pity that I lost one of the coils and couldn’t find it) Well, this RDA is feasible both with dual coils and single coil.


Creatively, the electrode of the 510 connector can be screw off. As you screw it off, you will see there is a hole in the middle of the base, which is for bottom refilling. Bottom filling can be completed by the bottom-refill electrode. As the manufacturer of Coilart said, such design will definitely be the trend in the coming future, and mods that can adapt to such design will also come out soon.



After trying it for several days, my summary on this RDA is below.


  1. Vapor is dense with rich flavor. With two coils built on it, the critical point of the wattage to deliver both the densest vapor and best flavor is 125w. Of course, it’s just my personal preference.
  2. It’s quite simple to build the coils. No need to use any other tools excluded in the bag.
  3. It’s quite simple to disassemble this RDA.
  4. The dome design of the drip tip can totally prevent the condensation being sucked into mouth. The Pei material of the drip tip well insulate the heat.

<p >Features that can be improved further:

  1. The atomizer tube is only fixed by friction force between it and the two o-rings on the base. If it designed with thread to screw it tightly to the base, that will be much better.
  2. If there are a pair of coils more in the package, that will be much better.

<p >CoilArt DPRO RDA Tank Features & Spec:
24mm Diameter
36mm Overall Height
Creative Postless Deck
24K Golden Plated
Extra Bottom Feeding Pin                                                                                 
Creative Adjustable Flavor Airflow
Goon Style Ultem Drip Tip
PEEK insulator
Stainless Steel, Black and Ultem
CoilArt DPRO RDA Tank Package:
2 * Fused Clapton Coil(CoilART Handmade Coil)
2 * Cotton
1 * Accessories Bag
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