Wotofo Lush RDA tank is an old product of 22mm diameter, produced by the brand of Wotofo. Owing to the multiple color matchings and excellent mouth feel, it is referred as one of the classic RDAs of Wotofo. As the 24mm diametered RDA goes rampant, Wotofo released the subsequent version LUSH RDA, the Lush Plus RDA. Here I’m going to share with you the usage experience of this LUSH PLUS RDA tank.

The package applies the classic drawer-styled paper box of Wotofo, but if the inner material is the retail version, several details could be improved.

1.There are only two spare cross screw-drivers. If there could be four in the package, it would be more user friendly. After all, the wear and tear of cross screw is very heavy.

2.The quality of the spare cross screw-drivers is not so good, and the “cross”is not very big, which will results quick wear and tear of the cross screw.

3.There are three Clapton coils in the package. If there are two or four, it would be more considerable for those OCD patient users. Apparently, LUSH PLUS RDA is not fit for single coil build.

Let’s get to the point. These little weaknesses has little influence on the using of this RDA.

Compared with the previous products, the appearance of Lush Plus is very simple and natural. The slight “slim”arc makes this RDA not that monotonous. The connector of the drip tip is between the standard size of 510 and 810 and it can totally satisfy deep lung-hit vaping. As regard to the diameter of the drip tip, as long as you control the measure of dripping when dripping, you can totally adopts the lazy way to do dripping. According to the actual usage experience, even when the inner wall of the drip tip is full of condensate liquid, this drip tip, made of the material of POM, has never made you inhale the condensate liquid.

The atomizer can be dissembled into 3 parts, the simple structure can give the user an usage experience of convenient and reliable operation.

When using this RDA tank, you will feel that it gives you a lot of pressure. The metal tube wall is very thick, and the coil space beside the two electrodes is narrower than the ordinary 24 MM RDA, making the atomizing space of the two coils of LUSH PLUS RDA more compressed and making the H-shaped two posts and four holes of ordinary drawing resistance more tight.

There is a ladder-styled structure in the tube and a “limit” slot at the bottom. The three domes under the drip tip is good for reflux condensation, besides, they are also of other more practical meaning: First, it compresses the height of the tube, making this 24 MM RDA highly compressed and improving the effect of vapor compression. Second, the metal of the top part is very thick. Even after continuous vaping, you will not feel the heating of the top of the atomizer.

The protruding length of the gold-plated electrode makes it can use the mechanical devices safely. Apparently, the electrode plate is the most concerned detail to the ecig players. The electrode with two posts and four holes presents a shape of ladder. The setting of the positive and negative electrodes are good for the convenient operation of the coil locking, especially when using the comparatively wide coil. If there is no spare screws for locking the coil, please make sure that the cross screwdriver matches the screws of the atomizer, avoiding the wasting of screws, because there are only two pieces of spare screws.

The setting of bottom inflow is very obvious. This kind of inflow is similar to and also different from Kennedy RDA. The Lush Plus applies the “L”styled electrodes and cannot modulate the intake air. But if the usage data doesn’t go off the setting requirement of the atomizer too much, its drawing resistance will not be empty. In the oil slot at the bottom, the designer designs hollow slots for placing the cotton. In some degree, it is much better for the oil to move up forward the cotton when dripping. Although the tank is not very big, to a RDA that is not designed for extremely huge vapor, it is big enough for using.

The original coil in using shows a very high matching degree, owing to its design of intake size. The draw resistance of Lush Plus is very natural and you will not feel empty. Regarding to the compression of the vapor, it is much closer to the RDA product of 22MM, and it has a very excellent reducing ability of the flavor of the oil. When using the traditional A1 heating coil, LUSH PLUS RDA is more suitable for the 22G coil to roll 5 to 6 circles in 3.0 coil diameter.

The most important point in using RDA is pushing and pulling of the tube lid in daily dripping. An RDA with excellent size should be of moderate tightness for plugging in and pulling out the tube lid. LUSH PLUS RDA is such a type of product. What is called “moderate”? Under condition that the seal ring is completely dry, when you plugging in the tube lid, the lid will not drop of the tube easily and when you pull out the tube lid, you can feel obvious resistance but can still pull it out easily.

If there is the need to mention the problem of this RDA, it will be the cross screw. When using the coil, there is nearly no locking problem. But when locking a 22G A1 coil, since the length of the screw is too short, you will need to screw the screw completely tight(close to the top of the electrode) . If the cross screw is changed to hex screw (the hex screw doesn’t have the cap of the cross screw), or lengthens the existing screw to much longer, it will support the A1 coil much better.

Lush Plus RDA is a mouth-feel oriented RDA with the diameter of 22MM. The excellent workmanship is in no way for finding its faults. Under the setting of uncontrollable intake air, the draw resistance it presents is worthy of “comfortable”. Obviously, it is the “moderate degree”owing to repeating modification of the intake air. As regard to the reducing ability of the oil flavor, although it can not be said as “strong flavor”, the Lush Plus RDA is absolutely a dripping product with very good taste. Summarizing all these usage experience, this RDA atomizer is excellent enough for players to love it.

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