Vapers that are looking for the best vape juice Australia has to offer will find what they're looking for in Vaper Empire's premium e-liquid lineup, which includes two ranges: Artisan & Classic. The latter, the Classic Range, is home to all of the e-liquid flavors that vapers across AU have come to appreciate as staples of the vaping world. This includes flavors like cherry, menthol, tobacco, strawberry, blueberry, and many other somewhat standard flavors made from premium e-liquid ingredients.

Vaper Empire's Artisan Range is where Aussie vapers will find e-liquid creations that they might not find anywhere else. These flavors are anything but ordinary and are designed to keep even the most seasoned vapers excited about what they're putting in their vapes. This range includes flavors like Freudian Slipper, which embodies the sweet summer flavors of apricots, berries, and peaches. If you're thinking "yum," well, you're on the right track because Freudian Slipper is a fan favorite among Australian vapers who have discovered the decadent offerings of Vaper Empire, one of Australia's leading e-liquid brands.

The Best Fruit E-Liquid Flavors

For those that love their berry e-liquids as much as they do their menthols, Vaper Empire's Berry Chill, part of their Artisan Collection, is one to admire and enjoy. It combines blackberries and blackcurrants with the subtle undertone of menthol, offering a sweet and wintery flavor that fruit loving menthol vapers will almost certainly enjoy.

Berry Chill is one of Vaper Empire's highest-rated vape juice flavors, but it's not the only top rated e-liquid flavor from the company's Artisan Collection that's worth considering if you love fruit e-juices. The Amazonian, another fan favorite, combines mango, passionfruit, orchard fruit, and a twist of citrus to create a bold and refreshing e-juice flavor that's unmistakenly delicious.

Dessert Vape Juices For Sweet Tooths

Beyond fruit e-liquid flavors, Vaper Empire also offers dessert flavors like the candy infused Velvet Elvis and the thick and creamy vanilla custard flavored Twice on Sundae. Of there many dessert flavored e-liquid offerings, there's one in particular that stands out among vapers in Oz and that's Rhubarb & Custard, which combines zesty taste of rhubarb with the creamy wonderfulness of vanilla custard to create a delightful dessert e-juice that might be better than any confection you've ever had.

For those that just want a taste of summer, there are flavors like Red Lemonade, which combines lemon with a splash of strawberry to create a refreshing e-liquid that soothes the summer soul.

And for a taste of something strange, there's Death Valley Nectar, a delicately crafted e-juice infused with bilberry, kiwi, pear, and cactus. You heard right, that's cactus and it tastes better than you might expect!

E-Liquid Classics

If you're simply looking for a classic flavor, Vaper Empire offers classics like coffee, menthol, tobacco, blueberry, apple, watermelon, mango, strawberry, cola, cherry, coconut, butterscotch, vanilla, spearmint, cappuccino, and cola. For the tobacco lovers, there are variants like Tobacco RY4, Old Port Royal, and Virginia Gold.

With so much to choose from, vapers across Australia are sure to find an e-juice or two (or more!) to enjoy. And the best part is that no matter where in Australia you live, Vaper Empire will ship their e-liquids straight to your door and they'll do it express so you receive your vape juice in less than a week. Add to this the fact that you can buy all of their e-juices with or without nicotine and it's no wonder so many Australians have come to love Vaper Empire and all of its e-liquids, vape kits, and accessories. Their online store is a one-stop shop for everything vapor and everything they offer is available to AU customers.

E-Cigarette Cartomizers & Cartridges

Those who prefer prefilled vape cartridges for their e-cigarettes can buy those as well. The V-Pack II electronic cigarette starter kit comes with everything a vaper needs, including prefilled e-cig cartridges (cartomizers) that are available in varying nicotine strengths and flavors.

Currently, Vaper Empire offers their e-liquids in nicotine strengths ranging from no nicotine (0mg) to what they call very high strength (24mg). Options between include low strength (6mg), medium strength (12mg), and high strength (18mg). For those unsure of what nicotine strength to use, their Australia-based customer support team is available by phone, chat, and email to help answer any questions.

Buy E-Liquid In Bulk & Save Money

For those who want to buy in bundles and save money, Vaper Empire offers value packs that provide vapers with a means by which to buy the e-juice that they want at a price they can afford. Take, for instance, the Artisan Collection 6-pack, which comes with six bottles of e-liquid for the price of five, offering vapers a significant savings when they buy in bulk.

Best E-Juice Flavors

Curious what other Aussie vapers are buying? Vaper Empire has shed some light on what's popular with their customers in Australia, providing interested parties with a list of their top 10 most popular e-juice flavors. At the top of the list is their Tobacco e-liquid, which is undoubtedly their most popular flavor to date. Next in line is their Tobacco RY4, which is sweetened with vanilla and a hint of caramel. Then comes their Menthol, Apple, Blueberry, Coffee, Vanilla, Old Port Royal, Watermelon, and Red Energy.

Vape Juice Quality You Can Trust

Why buy cheap vape juice when you can buy premium quality e-juice from a name you can trust? That's the question that Vaper Empire implores vapers to ask themselves when they go to order e-juice. With Vaper Empire, it's quality all the way. Each bottle is manufactured to EU standards inside of a state of the art facility. Every drop is made inside of a cleanroom, ensuring a level of purity that's sure to please. Topping all of this off, Vaper Empire uses only premium ingredients so customers can count on the quality of every bottle and every drop of e-liquid that they sell. This isn't cheap e-liquid, it's premium e-liquid and it's what vapers deserve.

Everything Australian Vapers Need

In addition to the high-quality vape juices that Vaper Empire offers, they also offer e-cigarette starter kits, vape pens, and vaping accessories like carrying pouches and replacement parts. Need a new coil? They've got a number of different options available to customers in Australia. Need an easy to use vape? Their entire selection is composed of easy to use vapes, all of which are designed to work perfectly with their own brand of premium e-liquid. For everything a vaper in Australia needs, there's just one shop to visit and it's Vaper Empire.

Unlike local vape shops in Australia, Vaper Empire carries nicotine e-liquids and e-cigs. They're also open 24 hours a day. Combine these two factors and it's easy to see why many vapers across the country choose Vaper Empire for all their vaping needs.