Pod-system electronic cigarettes are mostly designed for substituting for traditional electronic cigarettes. Portable and simple to use, they can effectively help smokers to avoid health harm caused by tar in traditional cigarettes and cease smoking.

Since this year, several pod-system electronic cigarettes have come into the market one after another. The structure of them are all simple compared with box mods and finished atomizers.

Here I’d like to share with you several pod-system electronic cigarettes.

Vladdin Kit:


Appearance: Flat and simple

Juice capacity: 1.5ml

Switch Type: Air switch

Refillable cartridge or disposable pod: Disposable pod

Comparative advantage: Easy for charging; different flavored pod liquid;   

Vladdin kit is designed and manufactured by AVE40 company, one of the icon sellers with its customers all over the world.

Vladdin Kit is connected by a closed-system pod and a battery part. The pod contains 1.5ml liquid. Separate pods are also available with different flavors including original flavor, mint flavor, ice tobacco and mixed flavor.

The battery part has an indicator light and the product name “Vaddin” on it. At the bottom, there is a regular USB port for charging. Any of the Android USB cable can used for charging Vladdin Kit, bringing great convenience to vapers.

Shanlaan Laan Kit:


Appearance: Round long and simple

Juice capacity: 2ml

Switch Type: Air switch

Refillable cartridge or disposable pod: Refillable Cartridge & Disposable pod

Comparative advantage: Excellent design with nice texture and quality; refillable


Laan Kit is a luxury product in the existing pod-system electronic cigarette. It’s largely wrapped by leather with pretty nice hand feel.

The design background is worth mentioning. Zhu Yaxuan, the designer, is the first industrial designer of Wechat (the top chatting tool in China). Inspired by the electronic cigarette given by his friend, he made his mind to resign from Wechat, Tengxun, and spent nearly two years in designing this Laan Kit. The user experience of Laan is excellent beyond any doubt.

Its texture and weight will not only attract your eyes, but you will also want to dig out the story behind it. As you know, every great product has a great story behind it.

It is composed by a flat drip tip, a refillable cartridge and a battery part. The regularly-shaped  USB port is at the bottom, pressing to open it. The transparent cartridge installed between the drip tip and the battery part can contain 2ml liquid. Such design makes it possible for vapers to reuse the cartridge and fill any liquid at will.

Separate cartridge and pod for Laan Kit are also available.


Smpo MT:


Appearance: Flat and simple

Juice capacity: 1.7ml

Switch Type: Air switch

Refillable cartridge or disposable pod: Disposable pod

Comparative advantage: Cheapest; different flavored pod liquid, sanitary for carrying around


SMPO MT Kit is a flat pod-system ecig. It has the similar package and packing contents as Vladdin, a pod, a battery part and a USB cable.

The pod is covered by a cap at its bottom to protect the electrode contacts. The cap can also covered on the top of the pod, which is more sanitary for carrying the kit around. 

With its liquid capacity of 1.7ml, you are able to take about 400 puffs with a pod. Its 420mah battery capacity also can enable a regular user to use it for a very long time before next charging.  The USB cable is exclusively designed for SMPO MT Kit.

Separate pods of different flavored liquid for Smpo MT Kit.

Find a healthy life with pod-system electronic cigarettes! If you want to know more, leave your comment below.

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