Intro: With its artistic appearance and edge-cutting chipset,  Asvape Michael vo200 Box Mod is really a must to have in collection.

If you have no idea of the story of Devils Night, here I would like to share the story with you.


Devils Night is an old story originated from China and India and then was
transferring into Japan. It was combined with the local culture and formed a new version of it. There are totally one hundred devils in the story.


The size of Asvape Michael is 91.5mm*28*60mm. The pattern on the box mod is made
of some material, whose hand feel is very similar to human skin. The pattern adopts
stereoscopic water transfer technology.The cool pattern
matches with the stereoscopic surface, making it a perfect box mod.


The perfect combination of the visual sensation and hand feel
satisfies the daily use of vapers very well.


The frame of Asvape Michael is made of zinc-alloy. On the surface, it is processed with the sand-blasting technique and is dark golden-plated.The color and the mod complement each other. The fire button made of stainless steel matches with the integrated adjustment button, giving it an upscale look.


At the 510 connector, it adopts an embedded panel with the designer’s
signature on it. The purpose is to conceal the thread and gives the vaper a perfect sensual experience.
The connector is a spring-loaded electrode plated with mainstream gold. No matter it matches with atomizers of 22mm diameter or 24 to 25 diameter, they will all be a perfect match.


The battery compartment at the bottom adopts a pull-out cover. On the cover,
there is carved with the mark of positive and negative electrode signs. When
you press down the cover, just push it slightly to close it. The magnets on
the inner side of the cover can double fix the cover onto the mod.


The pressure dissipating holes at the two sides of the cover can effectively dissipate the heat inside of the mod. In actual use, there is no obvious heating from the mod.

There is no need for me to illustrate the vo200 chipset. The wattage can range from 5 to 200watt. The instant explosiveness of the by-pass mode and the accurate taste mode provided by the curve output has become the symbol of Vo chipset.


It’s no exaggeration to say the Asvape Michael released by Asvape company this time is a high and mid grade box mod with super high performance price ratio.

No matter the cost-ignoring art or the excellent hand feel, they both prove Asvape Michael Vo200 is of high and mid grade configuration.
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