<p >Asvape Michael’s appearance and performance are just both wonderful!


Vapers who pay great attention to the appearance of ecig devices could have different tastes. Some vapers like briefness or even minimalism. Some vapers like swankiness, individuality and ingenuity. Maybe it’s because of this, Asvape Michael 200w TC Box Mod emerged at the right moment.
After using it for a month, today I would like to talk about my using experience and feeling of it.



Its package is pretty cool as showed in the picture. The specification in the package is written in details with instruction of operation, modes menu, various functions.





Naruto and One piece have some forty-year old frenzied fans, while there are also some twenty-year old youngsters think Naruto is totally bullshit. Well, it’s normal that different people have different likes and dislikes. It’s also a rule when it comes to Asvape Michael. Vapers who like its appearance think its beauty is beyond comparison, while vapers who dislike its appearance think it’s too pompous and non-mainstream. Here I will not evaluate its appearance based on my personal likes and dislikes.

<p >Since it adopts skin-like paint, its hand feel is so cool that I can say it’s the most comfortable ecig device among the devices I have. Such material has essential difference from the slip-proof rubber. It feels finer and smoother and its unregulated sense of concavo-convex gives it more comfortable hand feel.
The mod measures 91*60*28mm. Its side shape is very similar to the ergonomic wave shape for grip.<p >After using it for three weeks, I often put it in my backpack to carry it around. The paint on the mod body has not been peeled off or scratched. Whether it will be peeled off or scratched in the future, I’m not sure. Time will test it out. But I have seen that some vapers in the forum have tested it violently with keys. However, the result is pretty reassuring.




ASVAPE Michael also has its own thoughts on how to design the screen and buttons. The fire button has the logo of ASVAPE on it and its pressing feedback is ringing with good bounce force. The integrated adjustment button below the screen has much stronger bounce force and it’s not abrupt in its appearance.
Below the adjustment button, it’s the USB port. When upgrading the firmware and customizing the Logo, you need to connect the mod to the computer via the USB.





The frame of ASVAPE Michael adopts zinc-alloy-plating and sand blasting techniques. At the two ends, there are some fan-shaped and strip-shaped holes for dissipating the heat and release the pressure.
The positive and negative poles are marked obviously on the cover to remind the vapers to install the batteries in a right way.
At the bottom of Michael, there is a strong magnet as showed in picture two. There are slots at the bottom of the mod. When you push the cover in, it’s very steady without loosing or sliding.
Picture three shows the mark of being bumped. Picture four shows the mark of being scratched. Though I had this idea in mind, I didn’t have the heart to do the  tests on the outside. Thus, I did the two tests on the inside.
As showed in picture three, you can see it was bumped heavily and was slightly out of shape, but the paint was not peeled off.
As showed in picture four, you can see that it was scratched, but the surrounding paint was not peeled off.





Asvape Michael is powered by the famous VO chip, I believe you are familiar with VO chip. Some experienced vapers have already done tests to the previous VO75w. Its excellent workmanship, accurate wattage, rapid and steady TC mode are all very satisfying and its VPC customizing mode is also worth mentioning.
The VO200 chip adopted by Asvape Michael has different modes, Power mode, Bypass mode, TC mode and VPC mode. In the specification, the adjustment methods are illustrated in details. Resistance limits: Bypass mode: (0.2-3Ω), regulated wattage (0.08-3Ω), TC mode (0.03Ω-3Ω), VPC mode (0.08-3).

<p >Under Bypass mode, the chip will get rid of most limits. Theoretically, the output of battery will reach 100%, similar to the output of mech mod.<p >Under VPC mode, vapers can set the output wattage curve according to their own preference. The whole curve is composed of several controlling points. The playability of VPC mode is pretty high.




It has multiple protection measures, such as short-circuit protection, lock protection when pressing the fire button continually, low battery warning when firing under low resistance under Bypass mode.

<p >There is no need to repeat the chip again. Image above shows that its explosiveness under Bypass mode is pretty satisfying.

After using it for a month, the modes I normally use are the regulated mode and the bypass mode. I think its output is pretty steady and violent. Asvape Michael’s appearance and performance are both wonderful.If you are also interested in its design element and also like the steadiness and convenience of VO chip, I strongly recommend you to try this Asvape Michael 200W TC Box Mod Devils Night Edition. It’s now sold only $89.69 at Urvapin.




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