Aspire Breeze 650mAh 2ml AIO Starter Kit

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With the popularity of electronic cigarettes growing rampant, vapers becomes more demanding  on choosing an electronic cigarette and put forward more requirements to the manufacturers. Portability is a great concern of the vapers and is one of the trends in ecig industry.

Recently, I tried Aspire Breeze AIO Starter Kit released by Aspire brand. It’s really a kit that I would like to take it around all day everywhere. Its size is just as big as a lighter. Truly portable! Check it out.

It’s packed in a square wooden box with a black cover on it. Inside of the box, there is the Aspire Breeze Kit, a USB cable, two coil heads, a bag of o-rings, a user manual and a warranty card.

Take a first look at Aspire Breeze AIO Kit. It looks very much like a lighter. For sanitation, it has a transparent cap on the mouth piece. Unlike the ordinary kit, its drip tip is in a square shape. It has only one button on the kit, pressing then vaping, quite simple! On one of the side faces, there is a cross-shaped hole which is the airflow hole. Below it, there is a gap to see the liquid tank. The USB port at the bottom is for charging.

Aspire breeze can be disassembled into three parts, the drip tip protective part, the drip tip, the body and the chimney unit and the coil head.

Its refilling system is as simple as its design. To fill it, you first pull the top cap off the kit, then you will see the chimney unit. When I first see the chimney unit, I was thinking I should find a key or something hard to help get the chimney out. Actually, at the bottom of the drip tip, there is a strip of metal which is for unscrewing the chimney unit. Very considerate designer! The chimney unit is for connecting the coil head. Then you refill the liquid to the hole below the red line.

The LED light inside of the visual window is for indicating the voltage. If your battery capacity is above 3.8v, the color will be purple (maybe blue plus orange); when your battery capacity is between 3.4v and 3.8v, the color will be blue only; when your battery capacity is below 3.4v, the color will be orange only, and if you press the fire button or take a direct draw, the light will flash several times in orange to remind you to charge your battery. 

To start vaping, press the fire button to vape on. Though it doesn’t have a big size, Aspire Breeze can produce big cloud (see picture) As regard to the reduction of the liquid, I think the flavor turns to be a little bit plain (the flavor of the liquid that I use is melon which is in light flavor).

If you are light vaper, if you are looking for a portable electronic cigarette, Aspire Breeze is your top choice.

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