With the development and increasing popularization of electronic cigarette, more and more smokers begin to vape and start to know about vaping. At the beginning, many new vapers have doubts and find problems when vaping. When these problems occur and why they occur? I list some problems in this article together with solutions.


1. Condensation


When you are vaping, the liquid will be vaporized into vapor. When the vapor goes through the airway, it will become cool and liquefy into water drop, and finally gather at the connection of drip tip and atomizer. When it gathers too much, it will flow back to the bottom and leak from the airflow hole, which is often misunderstood as leakage. When the condensation is sucked into mouth, it will not do harm to health, but it will degrade the vapers’ usage experience.  



 Changing the structure of atomizer can not completely prevent condensation, but you can reduce the possibility of sucking the condensation into mouth by cleaning the condensation with rag or tissue regularly.


2. Leakage

In daily use, the phenomenon that liquid flowing out irregularly from the bottom of the atomizer, screw on the base, edge of the glass tube is called leakage. It normally happens with tanks and leakage can cause the waste of liquid.



  1. Check the processing of cotton end and make sure the cotton end fully fill the liquid guiding holes in case that liquid should leak from the gap.
  2. Check if the silicon ring is damaged with bad sealing. If it is damaged, you will need to change the ring.
  3. When you fill the liquid from the top, you will need to close the airflow holes at the bottom. When you finish filling, put the top cap back and do not screw it tightly. Invert the atomizer and then screw the top cap tightly, so that the extra air will flow out. In this way, it can effectively prevent leakage.


3. Liquid frying.


Liquid frying is the phenomenon that when the coil is working, liquid erupts from the drip tip or the bottom of the atomizer. When you are vaping, if the liquid fries into mouth, it feels like being burned by the splashing of liquid when you are cooking. Terrible!



A.Swing, burn, blow

VG in e-liquid has water-absorbing quality. When the atomizer is standing for a while, the coil will absorb water and become saturated. After firing, liquid frying and burning happen. Before using, you can swing the atomizer and then blow it when you burn the coil with no liquid. After the water is vaporized, then you begin to use it.

B. Increasing the usage of cotton

If the cotton is not enough, when it’s wetted, it will become thin and thus cannot fill the coil. Uneven contact of the cotton can cause liquid frying. You can inscrease the volume of cotton and make it completely fill the coil to avoid liquid frying.

C. Increasing output wattage

When you use ordinary or fancy coils, if the output wattage is too low, liquid frying will happen because the liquid on the cotton is not quickly vaporized. You can increase the wattage gradually to reduce or stop liquid frying.


4. Resistance Skipping


When atomizer is installed on mod, the phonomenon that resistance is unsteady with frequent fluctuation is called resistance skipping. If resistance skipping happens, the fluctuation range within 0.2Ω, but if the fluctuation surpasses 0.2Ω, it will become a problem.


  1. If it is a finished atomizer, check if the coil of it is screwed tightly, and if the connection is tight.
  2. If it is a DIY atomizer, check if the electrode is fixed tightly. When you install the coil, check if the screws are screwed tightly and if the coil is broken by the ends of screws.
  3. Check if there are spurs or scrapes at the 510 connection.  

 5. Carbon deposite


Except for the main components including PG, VG and nicotine, there are also spices in e-liquid for making different flavored liquid.

When the coil is being heated, carbonization action will take place on it and the carbon deposite will be piled up on the surface of the coil. The metal luster of the coil will fade away and the coil will become black. Because the content of spices in different liquid is different, the carbon deposite rate will also be different. When the carbon deposite is too much, the vapor will become less and the taste will change.


  1. When there are too much carbon deposite on a finished coil head, you should change a new one.
  2. When there are too much carbon deposite on a DIY cotton, you can eliminate the carbon deposite on it through high-temeperature quenching. Then you scratch the remnant on the surface of coil and flush it uder water, and you can use it again. But I suggest that you should not do quenching to a coil more than two times, after two times, you will need to change the coil.  


6. Flavor fatigue

Usually, taste fatigue is caused by using the same liquid for a long time, thus resulting in that your taste bud gets used to the flavor of this liquid. Therefore, your taste bud becomes less and less insensitive to such flavor and you feel the flavor of the liquid become lighter and lighter.



A. Don’t vape the same liquid for a long time. Choose two different liquid to vape interchangeably.

B. Don’t overuse electronic cigarette. When you feel the vapor flavor become lighter, you should reduce your vaping frequency or stop for a while to rest your taste bud.

C. Vaping cold and cool liquid can stimulate your bud and recover its feel to flavor.


Though the problems above are not serious and can be easily solved, they have become the stumbling block to many new and experienced vapers, thus degrading the final experience and lower the interest of new vapers in VAPE. Have you also had such problems? Share it out below in the comment.

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