When we talk about nicotine, every vaper is familiar with it.
But what is nicotine salt? What is free nicotine? What is nicotine salt? Is it nicotine with salty flavor? (haha...trying to be cute...) Let’s answer it in the chemical category.


To understand nicotine salt, we have to mention a relative noun: free nicotine. All the ordinary e-liquid we use belongs to the form of free nicotine.
Free form is a way that element exists. It is a relative form of combined form. From the chemical perspective, it means that an element is not combined with other elements but exists independently. An element that can exist in a single substance is in free form.

Nicotine salt is the compound of nicotine and organics. Nicotine combines with organics, forming into more stable molecule.

What are the strengths of nicotine salt? Nicotine salt is more suitable for using with pod system kits.  Reasons as follows:
1.Human body absorbs nicotine salt much faster.
2.Nicotine salt brings lighter throat hitting feeling and is much smoother.
3.Nicotine salt has much longer shelf life.

I believe many vaper friends have found that the nicotine content in nicotine salt is surprisingly high.

Thus, when we vape with nicotine salt, we will suck in much higher density of nicotine. Since nicotine salt can rapidly increase the nicotine level in the blood, we can vape with the least puffs to satisfy our need for nicotine in the shortest time.

You can understand this point as the convenience of nicotine salt, for you don’t have to vape unceasingly to reach the nicotine level in your blood.

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