1. Fill your tank properly 

It’s common for new vapers to fill the liquid through the chimney. Chimney is the airflow tube connects the drip tip and the coil head in a finished tank. It’s common for new vapers to fill the liquid through the airflow tube, causing leaking. The proper way to fill your tank is to fill the liquid from the filling hole, which you can see when you open the top cap.

Tank has two “systems”, the airflow system and filling system. The airflow tube and liquid tube are different to each other and you should not fill the liquid through the airflow tube. Also, don’t wet you coil head with dripping from the top or bottom.

2.Check your o-rings

Worn or damaged O-rings are a common cause of leaks, particularly with the popular range of Kangertech subohm tanks. Take apart your tank and examine the O-rings closely. If they are worn away, broken or simply not there, this means your tank’s air seal has been compromised. Thankfully O-rings are cheap and easy to buy — just make sure you get the correct size.

If the O-rings are damaged, it can also cause leaking. Disassemble your atomizer and check if the o-rings are worn or damaged. There are often spare o-rings inside of the package. It’s easy to solve i

3. Check your seals 

It’s also common to cause leaking by improperly fastening. When your tank leaks, check if your tank is fastened properly and the threads are aimed accurately. If the threads are worn out after overuse, you will need to change the tank. However, overuse doesn’t happen easily.

4. Keep your tank vertical 

It’s better not to keep your tank horizontal on the desk, this will easily cause leaking. Keep your liquid-filled tank vertical if you are not using it.

5. Close airflow when filling 

When you fill the liquid, it’s better for you to close the airflow holes. When you vape, you need to open your airflow to a wider setting to allow more air through the atomizer to avoid leaks. If your airflow hole is not widely open, when you inhale, you will need to take more power to do it. If you do it too forcefully, you might bring too much e-liquid into the coil head and leads leakage.

6.Coil problems

Sometimes, coil heads have flaws which may cause leakage. First, check if the coil head is properly screwed in. Second, if the coil head is properly screwed in and your atomizer still leaks, replace it with a new coil head.

Check your tank for cracks or other damage. A thin crack in the glass or a piece of bent metal can mean the tank is no longer airtight, allowing the juice to leak out and into the airhole valve. If your glass is cracked it is usually an inexpensive and simple solution to buy a replacement tube.

7.Check for cracks

Check your atomizer for cracks or other damage. If your glass tube is cracked, you can replace it with the spare glass tube in the package.