First, the new player should avoid using the mech mods with no protective chip. He or she can have a try after having a full knowledge of how to make atomizer chip, basic electronics Information, security and protection knowledge.

Second, the finished atomizer and the atomizer of no protruding electrode must not match with the mech mods.

Third, when using the mech mod, the battery (unusable if the skin is broken or out of shape), atomizer (if the screw of the electrode is fastened, if the coil position is short-circuit ) and the mech mod (if there is any stain of liquid or connection of contact)

Fourth, use the battery of standard brands. Don’t buy batteries indiscriminately. Calculating according to ohm law to decide how many batteries should be used. If the positive electrode or negative electrode is of broken skin, don’t use it. The battery used for box mod may not drive the mech mod. PVC can get peeled easily. Peeling can also be dangerous.

Fifth, don’t use replicas mod of poor quality. Some models of the replicas mods have problems, resulting that the bottom cannot bounce back. Moreover, the bottom of the atomizer should not be of oil. When there are problems caused by taking petty profits, such as abnormal heating when using, or no vapor when igniting, the user should dissemble the battery to check. If it’s too late, the user should throw it to a place where is no people around and warn people to keep away from it.

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