Urvapin BBS Marketing Program

Thank you for your interest and attention in our BBS Marketing Program! This is an excellent opportunity to earn extra money with Urvapin. Please go through following contents to get to know this program and how to get paid for promoting Urvapin on BBS.

General Guideline:

Generally this is how our BBS Marketing Program works.
1. Provide us with your information via e-mail for approval;
2. Promote Urvapin products on the BBS, content of promoting should include your vaping feelings, the product review and introduction of some product brand.
3. Email the link(s) of the post(s) by which you promote Urvapin to info@urvapin.com, and we will review the links;
4. Get paid after the validity of links verified by Urvapin.

Requirements for Candidates:

1. Come from an influential or hot BBS, preferably e-cig BBS;
2. Active or popular user on the BBS;
3. No BBS newbies.

Requirements for Posts:

1. More than 200 words;
2. At least 1 links to Urvapin.

How Much Can I Get?

You get an initial pay of US$5 for each post. For more detailed information, please email to marketing@urvapin.com.