Authentic Flowermate v5.0S Vaporizer


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Weight: 0.60kg

Sku: CRMST0028

Color: Black Blue

The FlowerMate v5.0S Vaporizer is a great choice for someone looking for an easy to use, well made, portable vaporizer at a great price.

Flowermate v5.0S Vaporizer Features and Specs:
Simple: The Flowermate v5.0S features a convenient single button which controls both the power and temperature. Using the Flowermate is truly simple. Turn the unit on, load the chamber and within 30 seconds the unit is ready to vape.
Even Vaporization: The Flowermate uses conduction heat to vaporize your aromatic blends. The ceramic heating chamber is specifically designed to ensure your material is evenly vaporized with no stirring.
Impressive Battery Life: The Flowermate v5.0S is powered by two high quality Samsung/LG 18650 which delivers up to 2 hours 30 minutes of vaporization. This is some of the best battery life of any portable vaporizer on the market. Also, the v5.0S features a 6 minute auto off shut off to preserve battery life.
Vapor Quality: The Flowermate's vapor is smooth. Even with the short airpath of a portable, the glass stem does a nice job cooling the vapor. The v5.0S keeps the flavor nice and strong while giving you about 10-15 draws from a fully loaded chamber.
3 Temp. settings: The v5.0S has 3 ideal vaporization temperature settings at 385°F/195°C, 400°F/205°C and 415°F/212°C. Don’t worry about your technique, the settings are programmed so that you will never combust.
Quality Construction: The Flowermate features a ceramic heating chamber, Pyrex stem, and an anodized aluminum shell in your choice of 5 colors.
Works Worldwide: The Flowermate works with 100-240V so it will work anywhere in the world. It comes with a US charger. A plug adapter is needed if using it outside of the US.
Pocket Size: The Flowermate easily tucks away in your pocket and looks like a power bank. The loading chamber and stem are hidden in sliding compartments for a discreet look and very little odor can be detected when not in use.
Low Maintenance: Cleaning the Flowermate is easy. Just brush off the loading chamber and screens after use and use a Q-tip with Isopropyl alcohol if there is build up.

Flowermate v5.0S Vaporizer Package:
1 * Flowermate v5.0S Vaporizer
1 * Pyrex Glass Stem
1 * Concentrate / Wax Pod
1 * Herb Pod
1 * US Wall Charger
1 * Cleaning Brush
1 * Packing / Dab Tool
1 * Extra Screens
1 * Manual

The main differences Among FlowerMate V5.0 series Vaporizer
FlowerMate V5.0 Vaporizer: The FlowerMate V5.0 is the ‘original’ first version that laid the foundation for the V5 series. Fixed temperature of 190°C.
FlowerMate V5.0S Vaporizer: The FlowerMate V5.0S features 3 preset temperature settings.
FlowerMate V5.0X Vaporizer: Released in summer 2016, the V5.0X features 6 preset temperatures. The temperatures corresponding to each setting are marked on the side of the unit.
FlowerMate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer: The FlowerMate V5.0S Pro edition allows for fully adjustable temperatures and features a digital display.