Airis N°1 Ultimate Ocell Quartz Vaporizer

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Weight: 0.30kg

Sku: IRSST0055

Color : Red Black White
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Features of Airis N°1 Ultimate Ocell Quartz Vaporizer:
Flat Shape & Outstanding Performance
Patented Qcell Heating Technology provide high absorption and big pure vapor
360°none stuck of the button is the important secret of the durable quality
The small click design locks the atomizer into the battery, no more mess of falling off.
Full-power program built in ensures big vapor until the last puff before battery dies.
Universal micro USB charging port, designed for your convenience at any time any where.
Super tiny device designed for your daily use at any time any where.

Specifications of Airis N°1 Ultimate Ocell Quartz Vaporizer:
Size: 106mm*17mm*10.5mm
Use for: Wax
Battery Capacity: 360mah Lithium Polymber Battery
Color: Black/White/Red
Weight: 80g
Turn On/Off: 5 Times Click on Power Button
Automatically Turn Off: 5 minutes Shutoff (Safety Feature)
Charging Port: Micro USB Charging Port
Heating Chamber: Fully Ceramic Heating Chamber
Heating Method: OQC, OCELL Quartz Coil for heating technology
Replaceable Parts: OQC
Warranty: OQC
Heat Up Way: Press the power button and vape

Packing List of Airis N°1 Ultimate Ocell Quartz Vaporizer:
1* Battery
1* V10 Qcell Atomizer
1* Mouthpiece
1* Dab Tool
1* Micro USB Charger
1* Package

After-Sale Service:
If this product is broken within 1 month after you receive it, we guarantee that we will help to repair it. We will not take the responsibility if any damage is caused by false use or man-made sabotage. Read the User Manual carefully before you start to use it.