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  • Ce mod est vraiment tres beau!!! Limitless a deja une bonne réputation et la confirme! En plus de son look génial 200w c'est parfait ! Et tout ca a un prix abordable j'adore. This mod is really very beautiful! Limitless has already a good reputation and confirms it! In addition to its great look 200w is perfect! And all that at an affordable price I love.
  • This mod looks so good. Would love to try it and see how it works.
  • This mod goes up to 200 watts and fires down to .08 ohms which seem to be the main things folks want to know these days. It can regulate temperature control and it is not a mech mod, it is regulated. I love that they have different face plates so you can change the look of the mod. If it takes off I'm sure they will come out with more variety in the face plates which is something to look forward to with this mod. As always Urvapin has great prices!
  • This is one sleek & sexy mod! A high end device at an affordable cost!
  • Love this mod! The removable doors are great to customize your mod.